Setting up the Working Group of Experts for producing the first draft of PEFC National Standards

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Setting up the Working Group of Experts for producing the first draft of PEFC National Standards

Workshop, 02.04. 2015, Brașov

The event was held at Hotel Brașov (Brasov) under the following agenda:


10.00 – 12.00 Setting up the Working Group for drafting the PEFC National Standards

12.00 – 12.30 Coffee break

12.30 – 14.00 Determine the framework of PEFC National Standards

14.00 – 15.00 Lunch break

15.00 – 16.00 Adopting the Standardization Body and the PEFC National Governing Body

The meeting began with a brief survey of the attendance. There is adequate number of representatives from of invited organizations; and the absence of representatives of several invited organizations (the invitations were sent by e-mail, fax, and we also established phone contact with the organizations whose contact details have been identified, registering the confirmations and the proof of dispatch).


Organizations which were not presented:


Natura 2000 Coalition, Environmental NGO’s, APAPET (The Association of Forest Owners and Forest Administrators from Eastern Transylvania), FNGAL (National Federation of Local Action Groups), ASFOR (The Romanian Association of Foresters), the Association of Townsand Cities from Romania, the National Union of County Councils of Romania, Romanian Furniture Manufacturers Associations, ROMPAP (the Patronage of Pulp and Paper Industry), CONPIROM (the Patronage Confederation of Industry, Agriculture, Constructions and Services of Romania), AMRCR (the Association of Large Trading Networks of Romania), ASAS (the Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences) and the Romanian Academy.


Adrian-Radu REY – the project manager made the introduction and a brief presentation of the project, focusing on the objectives and the purpose of the meeting itself. The agenda is presented and the representatives agree on the proposed topics and the order in which they will be addressed.



Marian DRĂGOI – USV- University “Stefan cel Mare” Suceava (professor / researcher)

Adrian Radu REY – Romontana (project manager)

Andrei COCA – Romontana (project assistant)

Istvan TŐKE – Romontana / Nostra Silva

Cătălin TOBESCU – Romontana / Nostra Silva

Iulian GĂINĂ – Association of Communes of Romania (ACOR)

Emil DRĂGHICI – Association of Communes of Romania – President

Eugen SZILAGYI – FAP (the Federation for the Protection of Forests), CONSILVA

Alexandru NIȚULESCU – Proforest

Șerban DAVIDESCU – ICAS (the Institute of Forestry Research and Planning)

Diana VASILE – ICAS (the Institute of Forestry Research and Planning)

Emilian MONAC – EGGER – responsible for FSC/PEFC certification


Ionut BATÎR – Schweighofer – responsible for FSC/PEFC certification

Florin HĂLĂLIȘAN – Faculty of Forestry Brașov – researcher



Vasile ALEXA – Carpatisa Federation / the Forest Administrators Association

Dănuţ MOTAȘ – FSLIL (the Free Trade Unions Federation of wood industry)

Gigi Sergiu BURSUCARU – Greengold Romania

Valentin BOLEA – the “Progresul Silvic” Society



The discussions were moderated by Mr. Istvan Tőke, which begins with a brief overview and comparison of the two major existing certification systems around the world: FSC and PEFC. It is emphasized that PEFC system (the most widespread) allows the creation of national standards being cheaper at the same time. The national standards, following public consultations conducted through a transparent process, come to be adopted by procedures which takes about one year. There must be a national PEFC Body that will allow the certification of forests and the chains of custody.


Mr. Tőke expose the initiated process for identifying the main actors in the forestry sector that are important for achieving these national standards. This was the basis on which the meeting set up on 2’nd of April 02 was created. It is emphasized that our role is to identify resource persons among each organization to contribute to the creation of national standards.

Examples of national PEFC standards from Europe are shown. These may provide good practice examples that should be analyzed in detail to see if they can be replicated / adapted for Romania.


The website: in shown. It will provide information about PEFC, about forest certification and chain of custody.


It is discussed the situation of the private owners with small forest areas. The solution is the group certification (joint certification). An example of this is the system implemented in Austria.


Mr. Marian DRĂGOI – USV clarifies the dilemmas of the participants on the benefits and market limitations of the certification. It is shown that certification does not constitute an obstacle for commercialization of wood in any situation. The wood from a certified forest can be traded by a company that has no certification, but the certification benefits disappear in this situation. This justifies the importance of a comprehensive working group, encompassing umbrella organizations from all the economic sectors related to forest.


Mr. Emil DRĂGHICI – ACOR (Association of Communes of Romania), reinforces the idea that the greatest responsibility lies on those who create the certification standards. He gives assurance to the project implementation team and to the team which coordinates the Working Group of full support and involvement in the name of the organization he represents.

It is discuss the matter of the structure that will become the PEFC certification body. Initially the majority of participants support the idea of creating a new organism.


Mr. Cătălin TOBESCU claims that Nostra Silva might be able to take this role.


Mr. Tőke is proposing that by the end of April all those interested to express their intention / application. In this regard a press release will be posted on the website:


It is clearly stated that the presence in the working group is voluntary and unpaid. Those who have expressed interest to participate effectively (not solely consultative) in the working group are:


  • Owners:

– Nostra Silva – Istvan TŐKE

– Pro Forest – Veronica TOZA

– Green Gold – Gigi BURSUCANU


  • Wood, Pulp and Paper

– ASFOR – not present but will take part

– APM (Mr. Drăgoi clearly states that someone will take part)


  • Environmental NGO’s

– shall be contacted again to designate the representatives


  • Trade Unions / Syndicates:

– FSLIL – remains to discuss who will be the designated person

– Consilva – Silviu GEANĂ, Eugen SZILAGYI

– Carpatisa – Vasile ALEXA


  • Other representatives of the forestry sector:

– Progresul Silvic – Gheorghe GAVRILESCU, Valentin BOLEA, express their support through the magazine they publish (Journal of

Forestry and Hunting) for publication of any materials of interest for the project



  • User Groups:

– Association of Communes of Romania – Gaina Iulian

– Hunting and fishing associations have been omitted – to contact AGVPS (the General Association of Recreational Fishing and Hunting of Romania)


  • Servicii Forestiere


– Romsilva – will nominate later, perhaps Laurențiu MIHĂILĂ


  • Education and Research

– ICAS – definitely take part – the unofficially designated person is Șerban DAVIDESCU)

– Brașov University – Florin HĂLĂLIȘAN



  • Great timber industry

– Egger – Emilian MONAC

– Schweighofer – Ionuț BATÎR


Mr. Toke and Mr. Drăgoi presented various examples of certification criteria. Following these examples, open discussions occurred.

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